About us

  • We are a Special Needs Centre based in Somerset West and specialise in helping children with developmental delays. We offer a unique ABA grounded programme delivering dedicated one to one therapy as encapsulated in the ASAP programme.
  • ASAP prides itself in developing exclusive, comprehensive Individualised Education Developmental Programmes (IEDP) catering to the child’s specific needs
  • ASAP commits to regular assessments followed by detailed feedback and close collaboration with the parents.
  • We deem motor development in all its facets as central to assist in advancing the child.
  • We create opportunities for social interaction and the practice of social skills in a group environment.
  • We implement school facilitation leading to integration into mainstream schooling.
  • ASAP prides itself in knowing when to phase out our students into the regular or special needs schools, employing a specific guided programme. This poses to be a huge problem when done prematurely and unguided.
  • We value collaboration with paraprofessionals such as occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, cranio-sacral therapist, reflexologist, music therapist, DAN doctors and an array of other professionals working in our field.
  • We believe that skills learnt in therapy should be generalised and, therefore do IEDP outings focussing on the child's developmental level as well as needs.
  • At ASAP  we see parents as our partners and provide valuable home support .
  • As neither the presentation of symptoms of ASD nor the profile of a child on the spectrum is universal, effective intervention requires the so-called,  ‘ASAP - cocktail approach’. It is the combination of a vast array of different techniques

 Our Approach 

 Linda Herbert